Sunday, 3 July 2011

Troubleshooting unexpected error has occurred on SharePoint

We received the following error when accessing Purchase Center page after migrtating from Business Portal 3 to 5.1

An unexpected error has occurred.
Correlation ID: 8ef07403-e7af-4527-bf2c-ecb5929afbab

The error gave me nothing to go on.  However the following steps allowed me to dig deeper and make sense of the issue

Investigation Steps

Please do the following steps below to get a more descriptive error message:

1. Determine the home directory of your Business Portal site.

     a. Open IIS and locate the virtual server hosting your Business Portal site
     b. Right click on the virtual server and select Properties
     c. Click the Home Directory tab and note the Local Path file location

2. Browse the directory and locate the web.config file

3. Make a backup of this file

4. Open the file and make the following changes.

Find: CallStack="false" and  Change to: CallStack="true"

Find: CustomErrors mode="RemoteOnly"  and Change to: CustomErrors mode="Off"

5. Save your changes

6. Go to Start > Run and type in iisreset

7. Launch back into Business Portal and click on the page receiving the error. You should get a more descriptive error message?

8. Also look in the Application Event Viewer, are there any corresponding errors occurring there?  In my case there was nothing,

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