Thursday, 30 June 2011

Microsoft Forecaster 70 Service Pack 4

Microsoft Forecaster 70 Service Pack 4 has been released

Issue Description

193720 No way to remove revenue account from revenue module once data has been associated.

312625 Error displaying capital in detail report when using Allow drilldown to capital detail. 315158 Deleting pay type association from salary grade creates orphaned records

320795 Current users list doesn't work correctly on SQL Server 2005/2008. 321729 The Multi-row tab doesn’t show the lines (rows), if an input set name is longer than 24 characters.

325800 Start Period and End Period can’t be adjusted in HR Master after another field is changed. 344372 Entering capital item into invalid period and deleting causes duplicate/orphan records

362922 Excel Add-in returns no results when the optimization factor is 0. 363919 Single Row Input with 'Suppress Zero Lines on Input' creates difference from Multi-row.

363939 When using Human Resources Annually’ with regular allocations not selected, headcount is not updated for hourly employees. 366414 Reports where lines are the departments show a zero balance

367077 Copy plan wizard for HR Details does not correctly calculate allocation. 368241 System needs to keep deleted employees shaded while changing the “Show Allocation As” option.

368800 Importing HR changes clears existing data in HR master but not in HR input. 370981 Improve CALREV processing performance.

378602 FTE not calculated correctly for employees distributed between multiple departments when specifying different employee options. 381253 Running capital task on input set with historic periods causes results to shift the number of historic periods defined.

383592 When reassigning an employee to a new department, the value in the Increase Period 2 field is not updated in the new department. 390352 Allocation lost when reassigning an employee from two or more departments into one using the reassign window.

403235 Error: “ExpressLink encountered a problem attempting to submit data to Microsoft Forecaster.” This occurs if the user name contains a period. (Ex. Jane.doe) 403641 Decimal values do not appear on the single row tab

404570 Temp tables do not get dropped on SQL Server 2000 when the username is numeric

410614 When prompting for period and using a selection sub-menu in a report, users have to select period twice before the report will display.

415674 If a user defined benefit exceeds 5,000 characters, Forecaster will close unexpectedly when trying to select it. 419972 Enabling Auto-translate causes Forecaster to stop responding when adding employees in HR master.

440395 If many options are created for a user defined benefit, Forecaster may close unexpectedly when trying to select an option in HR input. 453998 The destination account and the contra account can’t be the same when two or more allocations are created and accumulate is used.

465875 When sorting columns in the Multi-row tab, incorrect values can be created if a @LOOKUP calculation is also used. 466855 Enabling Auto-translate causes Forecaster to stop responding when importing employees through HR import.

467705 Forecaster closes unexpectedly. 469946 If an employee from a previous input set salary grade doesn’t exist in a new input set, Forecaster closes expectedly when adding the employee.

470760 Specifying a color for calculated columns doesn’t apply the color. 473830 If Add as FTE is not selected when adding an employee in HR master, Forecaster closes unexpectedly.

Know Issues
Cannot Connect to Server When Using the Microsoft Forecaster Database Creation Wizard with SQL 2008 Server (See KB 962541 )

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